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Joe The Cleaning Genie

Joe The Cleaning Genie works hard to safely make your carpet, tile and upholstery as clean as possible.  Fair pricing, an honorable work ethic and exceptional customer service are what you'll find when you work with Joe The Cleaning Genie.

All About Joe The Cleaning Genie

Joe The Cleaning Genie focuses on a deep clean and fast drying.   Efficient, hardworking and honest, Joe The Cleaning Genie is an exceptional, IICRC certified service provider.  Up for most every job and serving with personal care, a dramatic effort is made to provide treasured customers the satisfaction they seek and deserve.

Tile and grout cleaning

Make your tile and grout look new

High pressure water jets get the job done.

Upholstery Cleaning and Stain & Odor Removal

Make your carpet, upholstery and home look and smell their best

Joe The Cleaning Genie is committed to optimizing your home.

Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning for best results

Since its founding, Joe The Cleaning Genie has been a most trusted name in the industry, catering to each client.

"Joe The Cleaning Genie is the only one to clean my carpet and upholstery.  His service is exceptional every single time.”

Eileen Kunkel

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